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Science of Interior & Exterior Design

Newton InEx that stands for Newton Interior and Exteriors and has its offices in India, New Delhi, NCR, Bangalore besides having its global offices in the USA.

Newton InEx is a division of Newton Consulting Group Inc. acclaimed for bringing a paradigm shift in the brand strategy space with its proprietary scientific tools.

Newton InEx is a new dynamic in the interior designing and exterior design space and creates a design by integrating the science of space, its effective utilization, and artistic design.

Newton InEx has been incepted to create energized living spaces for new age homes in alignment to end user lifestyle requirements as well as business habitats that align to the needs of the company's business result orientation and its internal and external customer work environment needs.

With experience in designing and executing Luxury Living Habitats, Energized Retail Spaces and Brand Theme Based Office Environments across Delhi NCR and Bangalore; Newton InEx interior designing and exterior designing division assist end-users of homes and brands to plan the design, interior decor and furnishing of their living and working spaces to reflect the persona of the individual or the organizations brand ethos.

In this new era, when it comes to designing Luxury Residential Projects, Retail Environments and Corporate Environments there is a dire need to stamp the individual's lifestyle personality, or companies brand imagery and work culture in its work spaces thus creating a signature style statement. When it comes to the Best Interior Designing of Professional Environments, Newton InEx assists organizations and firms stand apart in their competitive environments as well as help create productive and energy efficient working environments.

Newton InEx utilizes its scientific analytical tools and it's communication design experience to understand the interior design and decor needs and that assist in the designing, constructing and building interior or exterior spaces wherein the basic principles of design like Balance, Movement, Proportion, Nature & Uniqueness results in the making of energizing environments.

Newton InEx Design for Architectural & Interior Designing

How is Newton InEx different from others interior design firms?

We do office interior design and residential interior designing and interior decor scientifically! With the assistance of our predictive behavior research tool mind-mapping tool, we understand the 'Thought Streams & Personality Pattern' of our clients, their habitat needs and their lifestyle wants and their functionality requirements. When it comes to corporate office modern interior design, we understand the sensibilities of the business needs and business goals scientifically by mapping the internal and external business influences. Using these mind mapping insights; the creative team conceptualizes the architecture structure, space planning, furnishing layout, interior design and interior decor imagery theme.

On attaining client consensus, Team Newton InEx proceeds to execute the interiors and exteriors of the project. Team Newton InEx has a captive execution team that has the experience to attain a 100% replication of the client approved design! These are the reasons why clients prefer to work with Newton InEx – an international premium and scientific Interior design firm.

What we do

Client Narrative

A thorough research is conducted to study and analyze the end users and influencers of the corporate office, commercial retail and residential habitat. We understand the user experience needed, user lifestyle needs, end user sensibilities, red flag areas, design thought messaging to its influences, use of the design and space agenda. These design fundamentals are the common denominators studied across categories of projects; be it a Luxury Home, a Corporate Office, or Branded Commercial Retail.

Environment Analysis

The environment influences are studied using cutting edge proprietary analytical tools like Newton BUD and Mind Mapping techniques. These assist in better understanding the narrative and this analysis is shared with the client prior to getting onto the interior designing stage. What we do is amplify our client's thoughts and influences onto a concept design report.


Space planning is one of the most crucial and important aspects. In order to create an effective Space Map©, we need to evaluate the productivity and utility to enhance space and get an alignment with the planned furniture layout. Our creative architecture and interior design, when executed to the hilt has always proved to elevate habitat energies and enhance the overall space efficiency and productivity.

Concept Design

We believe that every space has its own reckoning and identity and should be unique akin a finger print. The Interior and exterior design concept are created in alignment with the imagery need of the residents and space's working needs. Embedding of the users thought in order to create the best interior design and user-friendly habitat is a making of a master piece in itself.

Execution Plan

Executing a design is no kids play! The precision in execution comes only when there is an actionable plan, backed up with timelines such that there is a common ground and reference tool to evaluate progress and pace the activity based on the deadlines given to Newton Inex clients. This action plan is a result of inputs from the various team to charter a stepwise implementation.

Seamless Project Management

Post having client consensus on the execution action plan, the execution of the architecture design commences it's transitioning from Design Team to Material Management Team in Stage 1. From Stage 1 there is a transition to Vendor Management Team and Customization team which forms Stage 2. From here it moves to Operations and finally to the Execution team which is Stage 3!

WUS-is-WUG Result

What you see in the Interior and Exterior Design is what you get in reality and that's the outcome of our supervision and inspection process diligence. To put it simply, we will convert your thoughts and ideas into a well furnished and finished ready-to-move-in structure which would surely reflect the identity of your Persona or Brand.

We Design & Create

Farm Houses

Luxury Builder Floors

Luxury Apartments

Luxury Retail

Food & Beverage

New-Age Offices

Why Choose Us


Newton InEx works on the concepts of Interior designing and Exterior design which are based on metrics of understanding the psychographics of the target audience (TA) that are users of the space. Irrespective of a luxury home, a farmhouse, a commercial retail store, a fine dining restaurant/lounge or a swanky new corporate office, the detailed research of Target Audience and Influencers aid in space and furnishing planning, and this forms the cornerstone of our service.


Newton InEx comprises of a complete in-house team of Researchers, Architects. Interior Designers, Space Planners, Visualizes, Furniture Designers, and Computer Graphics Experts and Project Execution Operation Management Teams. This in house infrastructure gives us an edge in interior designing and creating uniquely different looking homes and business environments. Our team's experience and use of latest technology make us unique.


Every design is created without a reference or inspiration and the elements created are mostly customized to meet the sensibilities of the end user. Every aspect of our creation is customized to have a design differentiation. We assure our clients of high-quality project management and execution of the approved interior designs, creating spaces which have a wow factor associated with it.


With a controlled environment and action plan oriented deadlines, Team Newton InEx have consecutively and consistently conceptualized, planned, designed, executed and delivered Interior and exterior design projects across New Delhi, Delhi NCR and Bangalore on time. What we show in the design stage is what we deliver irrespective of the level of customization or scale of project complexities.

Our Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Execute
Our job isn't to dictate your style but to discover it. When we meet, there is a sharing section of your ideas and thoughts that happen with our highly trained design analysis professionals. This is a brainstorming session where we evaluate the architectural, interior designing or interior decor project with your vision. This is the stage where we strategically extract inputs from you, for us to get a great foundation of knowledge to begin with.
At this stage, our in-house researchers, space planners, and space visualize will process your input with the help of our unique analytical tools like Newton BUD, Mind Mapping & Consumer Science Methodologies. Top most care is taken at this stage to create a concept that resonates with the final creation.
Our designers use the detailed analysis from the Idea & Concept stage to create a new-age technology computer graphic model (CGI) of the interior design. The interior designing and interior decor furnishing goes through multiple stages of modifications to make sure all the lifestyle and user experience elements are embedded in the final output. The design is finalized after a final approval given by a panel of experts from our parent company, Newton Consulting Group Inc.
Post approval from our clients for either the architecture elevations or interior designing or interior furnishing and interior decor, the concept design is processed for execution. Every element of the execution is managed and supervised by our in-house operation experts to make sure implementation is efficient and delivered on the committed time line. What the client approves in the design but what we deliver is the WUS-is-WUG Result

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